Gretchen and Zulq

Congratulations to Gretchen and Zulq!




Timothy and Adia





CHICAGO the Musical

This past March, the Blue Light Players did a splendid job performing CHICAGO, the Musical. I had the pleasure of shooting the cast and promotional photos. In keeping with the theme of CHICAGO, we shot each cast member’s photo as a “mug shot.” Please visit the Blue Light Player’s site to view all of the cast photos.




The Peckens Family


Webberville Homecoming


Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma Peckens!

Gretchen’s Grandma Peckens just celebrated her 90th birthday.  It was a wonderful celebration, full of lots of visiting, food, and balloon tying.  Since we had such a large group, I ended up shooting the group photo from the upstairs deck for a better perspective.  Also, in the interest of my own safety, I used my wireless remote as opposed to jumping down from the deck.


Haist Reunion

As per the summer tradition, Haists from everywhere descended upon La Fontaine, Indiana for the annual reunion.  I have been to a reunion each and every year since I was born (we will leave the exact number as an exercise to the blog reader).  I believe that there are three constants of the family reunion: fun, chicken BBQ, and a family picture.  This year, my Uncle Dave (a.k.a. “The Big Dog”) retired from Do It Best Hardware.  So besides the traditional family shots, we shot the image above.  We will not ask my Mom for the exact details about how she obtained the sign.


Baby Bare

The image above is my niece, Kayla.  Her mom, Cathy, saw an image similar to this one and wanted to try and recreate it in their last visit to Michigan.  I laid out 4 yards of black microfleece and set up a single light in softbox off to the side.  Kayla was then stripped down and set in position next to the bear.  Luckily, if Kayla had an accident we were “on location” at my mother-in-law’s.  There were no accidents, however being a mobile 15-month old excited to be diaper free, she was smiling and on the move.

With family members repeatedly returning her to the sitting position, we provided her with a toy to distract her.  This particular image is my favorite as I really like how both Kayla and the bear are leaning to the left, “mirroring” each other.