Youth Football

Enjoyed photographing some members of the 6th grade Tri-County Football League this past Saturday. Congratulations to Lansing Catholic for their victory over Okemos.





Are You Ready for Some Football?

One of Gretchen’s co-workers, who is a former MSU football player, is graduating and is accepting a permanent position as a football coordinator at another university.  Since this will be his first job post graduation, his office is a little light on decor.  So, Gretchen had the idea of creating a football themed image for him.  Our only football is a “college” style one with the white half circles on the end and it also looks a little “rough.”  I went to Dick’s and purchased one of the NFL ones that does not have any stripes.  I had it down to two different ones, and since we were going for a “close-up”, went with the one that had better looking laces.

Once we got the photo equipment setup, I went to the garage to inflate the ball before shooting it only to hear the dreaded hiss of air coming from the ball.  I ended up having to pump up the ball every few shots to keep it inflated for the photo shoot.  The first evening that we shot the ball, I used one softbox and Gretchen held a reflector.  We then picked some of our favorite photos and Gretchen had some people at work vote on them.

Armed with what went well for us the first time, we shot round two of the ball.  This time, in addition to using the softbbox, I added a second flash and a shoot through umbrella to even out the light.  With that lighting combination, and several more rounds of inflating, we came up with the winner above.

We then uploaded the image and ordered a metal mural of the image and are eagerly anticipating its arrival on Tuesday.